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๐ŸŽฎ Video Game Consoles

Specialized class of computers designed to run video games, usually delivered in form of proprietary storage devices (cartridges, discs, memory cards) or digitally via manufacturer's digital store. They usually run specialized firmware and software that may be derived from open software and architectures but isn't 100% compatible with them.

Gaming consoles can be portable, with screen and controller integrated into a single form factor, or split into a set of independent devices designed to be plugged to an external screen (TV or computer display).

Personal notesโ€‹

  • I don't like this category, but I want to be able to play video games and I no longer consider building and owning a gaming PC viable in the long-term. I think of gaming consoles as 'lesser evil'
  • With subscriptions, exclusives and other forms of artificially created scarcity consoles morphed into annoying blobs of hardware that stand in the way between me and the product I want to pay for. I don't buy a specific type of phone or TV just to experience this or that TV show / application - and with many games that is exactly what I'm expected to do

Video game consoles I ownโ€‹

Video game consoles I used to ownโ€‹

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